If the below frequently asked questions do not answer what you're looking for, give us a call or send us an email. We are happy to answer any of your questions. 


Certified and Insured?

Pulse Smart Home Solutions is fully certified, insured and WCB protected. All of our technicians also have up to date industry training and have full comprehension of the most recent industry codes and standards. 



We fully agree with all of our supplier warranties, and will inform you of said warranties before the install begins. If a product fails within the warranty period, and it is manufacturer related, we will meet the warranty and install the product free of charge. All warranty will be looked at and evaluated on a situational basis. 

Pulse Smart Homes also carries a 1 year warranty on all installs, and will also evaluate on a situational basis. We back our products and pride ourselves on quality of install.



We accept payment once the job has been completed, and will accept payment in the form of cash, credit, cheque and email transfer. All customers are required to sign the scope of work, agree to terms of the projects, and sign a contract covering payment details. 


Initial Fees?

Smart Home product consultations carry no initial charge. This is a budding industry, and we understand that you have an abundance of questions regarding products that you would like installed in your home. We are more than happy to send out our consultant to chat about products and inform you about our services free of charge. Education is the first step in creating a smart home, and we want our customers to feel secure in their product choices. 

Quoting and estimates on electrical and smart home solutions also come free of charge. 

Energy efficiency evaluations, servicing, troubleshooting and completing a job all come with a minimum 1 hour charge.