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Enjoy more time for living.  

In your home, your lighting always knows when it’s needed thanks to Loxone’s intelligent lighting control. When you enter a room, the lighting turns on automatically, taking into account the existing level of light in the room. This smart lighting control reduces the number of times you’ll find yourself having to reach for a switch – and it saves on your electricity usage too. If you get up in the middle of the night, when the rest of the family is asleep, you’ll be guided to the bathroom with dimmed lighting so you and your loved ones aren’t dazzled by bright light.



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A comfortable temperature in every room

Kitchen: 68°. Living room: 71°. Study: 63°. The rooms in your home will be at the right temperature at the right time of day. At night, you’ll sleep more comfortably due to the perfect temperature in your bedroom – leaving you suitably relaxed and ready to take on each new day! Learn how to realize your smart HVAC Control:



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Multimedia at its finest.

Life in a Loxone Smart Home sounds beautiful, too. Your music & multimedia devices are intelligently automated, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy. Have your whole house or individual rooms welcome you as you walk in, playing your favorite playlist on entry. When you leave, the music will automatically turn off.

You could have the multiroom audio in your home play at full volume should unauthorized entry be detected, in a bid to scare off any intruders. Have your home let you know when your guests have arrived with a door chime sound effect being played in specific rooms. This is all possible with Loxone, and it is up to you which features you’d like.

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The smart security system you can rely on

At night, when you are asleep, your Loxone Smart Home keeps watch, looking out for you and your family. Should an intruder be detected, it will immediately alert you with a phone call, turning the multi-room audio on at full volume, flashing the lights throughout the house, and opening the blinds so as to expose anyone inside your home that shouldn’t be there. Your home will also let you know if a potential fire or water leak is detected.

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